4 Tips to Attract Millennials to Senior Living

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Millennials mean a lot to me. In fact, some of the hardest-working individuals I have met are Millennials.

But with daily headlines characterizing an entire generation, it’s difficult to get the real picture.

It’s time to move beyond the hype. Millennials mean a lot to senior living. They are the largest generation in the U.S. workforce. With a shortage that is expected to require an additional 1.2 million senior living workers, it’s critical to win the Millennial market.

Here are four tips to attract Millennials to your senior living organization.

Make Your Brand Matter – Consider your brand from the perspective of a young job candidate. What does it say about your organization? HR and marketing should work together on a strategy that embeds your values, people, culture and stories into your brand and outreach. Millennials do their research and are looking for the “right” place to work. Your organization’s online presence is more important now than ever. You’re not only marketing to customers but you are also marketing to your future workforce. Social media communications, Glassdoor reviews, and your websites should highlight successes, purpose, and the benefits of working at your organization. Tap into the channels that Millennials use, with information they value. I know of several senior living organizations that have hired Millennials to run their social media programs to make sure their communications are Millennial-friendly.

Consider Technology from All Angles – Recent research examining Millennial preferences revealed that their smart phones are more important than deodorant. For Millennials, technology is a way of life. If you’re a paper-heavy organization you may have some challenges. But if you’re a tech-savvy organization, make this part of your pitch to get Millennials to work for you. Share with candidates how you use innovative care systems or how they can control their schedules right from a mobile app. And, be sure to reach job seekers with mobile technology. Online job applications must be mobile-friendly, and they must be brief. I have heard time and again that organizations lose applicants if it takes more than two minutes to apply online. Two minutes! In addition, when it comes to communicating with Millennial applicants, consider texting them. Emailing is old school, at least in the eyes of many Millennials.

Market The Profession - A story that has stuck with me was based on an executive’s discussion with some Millennials. Several of them scoffed when he mentioned he worked in the senior living industry. They quickly explained that they are not looking to join an “industry”; they are looking for a profession. A profession has purpose, opportunity for advancement, and personal fulfillment. People dedicate their lives to a profession. Changing the perception can speak volumes to job candidates and could be key to winning the hearts and minds of Millennials.

Get to Know Your Younger Workers – A Google search on “who are Millennials” leads to over 20,900,000 results. There is a better way to learning about the Millennial market and it’s simple: just ask. Find out what they like and what they don’t like. Learn what makes them tick. You’ll quickly uncover how much things like career paths, work-life balance, or engaging in purposeful work mean to your workers. Chances are you’ll find some common themes that can influence new programs and innovations at your organization. These initiatives will not only benefit your hiring pitch to the younger generation, but they will also lead to something bigger: keeping your workers happy and engaged -- so they stay.

Source: http://www.alfa.org/News/5030/4%2DTips%2Dto%2DAttract%2DMillennials%2Dto%2DSenior%2DLiving

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