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A Family Environment

Colorado Assisted Living Homes owns and operates small, residential family assisted living homes. They provide professional care for those who can no longer live alone and need some assistance with the activities of daily life. A full range of services are offered including assistance with dressing, bathing, and personal hygiene. Wheelchairs and walkers are accepted, as well as incontinence, Parkinson's, diabetes, dementia and Alzheimer's.

At first glance, there's nothing unconventional about their newest home located on Panama Street, the quiet residential setting has a warm and inviting feel as you enter. "We have created a true family environment, this is the type home our parents and grandparents have lived in all their lives," Tom said. "We create homes that I would be proud to have my mother live in, it feels like home, a comfortable place to live."

Eunice, who received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from Regis University in Denver, says, "Most of the time we have a ratio of four residents to one staff member. We see to it that everyone receives the one-on-one care that they need." She and Tom are active full-time in their homes and have a manager for every four homes to maintain the quality of service in each facility. Everyone at a Colorado Assisted Living Home is treated with respect and acceptance. "We believe in helping each resident function at his or her highest level of independence in order to preserve dignity and self worth."

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Dignity and Self Worth

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Each Colorado Assisted Living home has between six and eight residents. "This is not your large impersonal institution, said Eunice; we have created small intimate home environments. We provide personal care, 24 hours a day, by loving and compassionate caregivers. We believe in helping each resident function at their highest level of independence to preserve their dignity and self worth."

At Colorado Assisted Living homes residents are not sitting depressed behind the closed doors of their rooms. "We know where our residents are, Eunice said, we are able to give them one on one care, we never have more that eight residents per staff and most of the time we have four residents to one staff."

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Small does not mean less

At Colorado Assisted Living Homes small doesn't mean less. Quite the contrary, all Colorado Assisted Living homes offer a full array of activities and events. "Each home has a piano, the residents love to sing along to the old standards, Eunice said. We have a nurse that leads an exercise program at each house. We have an activities director that comes up with great activities and outings. We have bingo, puzzles, and many crafts as well as ice cream socials and spontaneous trips to the Dairy Queen or a restaurant. Residents also enjoy special activities like the Country Dinner Play House or the White Fence Farm. Each quarter there is a family night, where families are encouraged to come and enjoy a meal or BarBQ with the resident."

Each home provides three meals per day in the quiet family dining room plus snacks and drinks are available anytime. Resident's rooms may be private or semi-private and may be decorated with the resident's personal belongings. The resident is encouraged to bring furniture, like their favorite chair, dressers or beds, anything that makes it their home. Suites are also available for married couples.

Eunice and Tom started Colorado Assisted Living Homes in 1997 because she loved caring for the elderly. They are both active full time owner operators in their homes. "Every resident in our home is treated with the same kindness and respect, the way I would want my mother to be treated" Eunice explains. "Our mission is to enrich the quality of life for each of our residents."

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End of Life Hospice Services

To continue our dedicated service throughout the end of life, we work closely with Hospice to help ensure the highest quality of care. We want to provide our families comfort in knowing their loved one will be able to stay in their "home" rather than moving to another facility in their last days. Hospice nurses and aides are able to team together with the Colorado Assisted Living staff to make staying at "home" possible.

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Our Homes

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