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People that have older parents who they will like to live in assisted living centers or are already staying there are always concerned about the expenses, the level of care, and the facilities available for their loved ones in these centers. These are all very important points to consider, but other important issues are also expenses, care, and facilities available.

Things like cleanliness of the environment and the safety of meals. It is good to check out the sanitation of the area and probably have lunch with the senior ones there. People should monitor very closely the people that serve the food, the plates, and spoons for eating and the amenities provided in the kitchen. If the staff in the kitchen are not putting on gloves while they serve food, it is not a good idea. This is because when there is an outbreak of any food related disease, it can affect both the staff and the senior ones living in the center. People should also consult health agencies around to find out if the center has been violating health rules or not. It is good to know that assisted living centers are not under the monitoring of the government like the nursing home. Federal principle for value is lacking in centers and it is only the state agencies that have the responsibility of conducting health and security inspections.

For the fact that senior residents are given the choice of either to eat their food in dinning areas or have it served in the rooms is another concern. This is because the food will have to move farther and there is the possibility of something happening on the way.

Security of lives and properties is another good point to check out. Abuses like aggression from staff, emotionally, physically, and even sexually can happen from one senior one to the other. It is difficult to find out about such problems until the people involved are arrested for gross misbehavior. It is good to perform routine checks on senior ones from time to time. People should check out for signs of abuse like bruising and isolation when they have always had the readiness to associate with people around. It is also good to look at security of properties. There have been cases of people stealing things from the assisted living center’s apartment. Seniors have Alzheimer’s disease may not be aware that their items are not complete. People have to take note of any missing items and report to the appropriate authorities. There should be good locks on the doors. Some of the seniors in assisted living centers may not be in charge of their senses anymore and may move about aimlessly. The center should have good security network so that senior ones will not be harmed while outside.

There is information available for assisted living centers on the internet. There are even websites that monitors centers with accounts of persistent abuses. Such websites should be checked out before making the decision to take loved ones to any center.

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