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An assisted living facility is built for people who are old and need to be assisted in their daily activities such as bathing, eating, laundry, medical care etc. Most of the people in society today who have elderly people in their homes do not have enough time to take care of them. The demand of work, children and other family members are there for them to take care of without adding elderly loved ones to it. It can be very hectic combining daily activities with taking of elderly parents. Some of these people have great need and they want their children to help them in doing one chore or the other. Therefore, instead of living them at home, they take them to assisted living facility so that they can adequately be looked after. It is not like abandoning them there, it is a way of helping the elderly parents and at the same time relieving them of the duty of caring for the group of people.

Assisted living facility floor plans are designed in different ways to assist their residents to feel at home. The floor plans clearly show how elderly people will be able to fit in with their needs and requirements. In choosing a good assisted living facility for elderly people, it is good to adequate check out how it is laid out. It is not a residential building just designed to fit different kinds of people in the same building. It is specifically designed to meet individual needs. Good assisted living facility floor plans consist of private living quarters and bathrooms. These are designed to meet individual requirements. Some of the living quarters in most assisted living facility have more one, two, or three bedrooms in an apartment with inbuilt bathrooms to make bathing and other activities easy for elderly ones. The bathrooms are also designed with good floor material to make it easy for them to move around.

The second floor plan is for the buildings, which have common areas or shared living environments. The common room is where elderly ones can meet with their visitors or their fellow residents. There are also some living environments that are shared with other residence. However, this is not advisable as it does not give room for privacy. This is what most elderly citizens may not like. Some of them love to keep their privacy and independence.

Most of the assisted living facilities floor plans have bathrooms that are accessible from all the main areas such as common room, kitchen, recreational areas etc. This is to make it easy for elderly people who will need to use bathroom whenever they are pressed. There will be no need to start moving to residential apartments before they can take care of themselves. It provides convenience for elderly people.

Assisted facility floor plans should also include an access to outdoor games and other activities where people can sit to either participate or watch. Assisted facility not only takes care of the need of elderly people, they also allow them to engage in outdoor games and other social activities to be able to exercise their bodies and also to watch. This will help those of them feeling lonely to mix with other residents of the assisted home. Most of the elderly people find friends through outdoor activities.

The most important floor plan of an assisted home is the dinning area for meals and snacks. This must be designed in such a way as to provide comfort and convenience for residents. It should be wide enough to move around and easy to locate. The meals also should be served at regular time of the day, so that they can be prepared for it.

The staff areas should also be located very close to where the resident apartments are built. This is to give them ease of movement whenever the attention of the staff is needed. It will also make residents feel comfortable and at ease knowing that staff is not far away whenever they need their help.

All the above points should be considered by people who are looking forward to taking their elderly parents or loved ones to an assisted home. The environment of the community matters a lot and the elderly people must be able to adjust to it and like it the way they like their homes. This may not be easy at all, but as time goes on, they will get used to the environment and also mix up with other residents in the community.

A good assisted facility must have provisions for all the above floor plans. It makes it convenient for old people to stay in such an environment with peace of mind and comfort. They are able to choose the apartment that rightly fits their immediate and future needs. It should be noted that most of these people love their independence and privacy. That is why it is good to keep old loved ones in assisted home rather than nursing home. Nursing home too is good but it is mainly for seniors with serious needs. It can be medical needs or care. People in nursing home do not have as much freedom as they would have loved because of the environment. The level of care in nursing home is very thorough because of medical professionals who are always ready to attend to residents.

Apart from the floor plans mentioned above, some assisted facility for elderly people have more sophisticated plans than that. Some have five floor plans with adequate design for their residents. That is why there is price variation because the floor plans also defer from one assisted community to the other. However, the price notwithstanding, it is better to put elderly loved ones in good environment where they will love; otherwise, they may decline to stay there if the living environment is not thoroughly planned for their comfort and enjoyment. Everyone whether or young will love a secure environment. Therefore, the elderly community must also have adequate security for life and properties of residents.

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