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Assisted Living Housing options have changed a lot over the years. In times past the options available to seniors have been limited. That is no longer the case. Having a much better understanding of the needs of seniors and treating them with respect and dignity that they deserve. In the fifty’s the federal government commissions nursing homes to be built. They were built much more like hospitals and were run and treated as such. They were and still are to this day very much a cold environment for living day to day. Not a warm and friendly place to sure. They just do not provide the care and dignity and respect that our aging population so deserves.

There are a variety of assisted living housing options now available. Here are a few of them.

One of the options available are larger assisted living communities. These communities may have as many as two hundred to three hundred or more residents that live in the community. The community will offer a variety of services such as bathing, laundry, medication administration and much more.

They typically offer a very fine dining experience. Meals are typically served in a dining room or may even be brought to residents rooms. Meals are provided for all to enjoy but can be customized on an individual basis.

There are also communities that are smaller that may be 12 to 50 pillows. These are more intimate communities and can provide a higher level of service as needed. The number of caregivers to residents can be a little bit higher in these smaller communities. They can provide specific meal plans for their residents as well.

Then there are the small home or group home assisted living housing options. These are homes of typically six to eight residents. They may have their own room or a semi private room that they live in. Most of these homes are right down your street and you don’t even know it. They do make quiet neighbors. Caregivers may be live in caregivers meaning they live in the home 24/7 as well as caring for the residents. The caregivers could be those that just come in and work and leave like most assisted living communities.

Most activities are all done together. If they have singing, exercise, watching TV, playing the WII or whatever it may be. They will also have a sit down meal together like a family. They can cater their meals to them as well but they will serve the meal family style.

Many of these smaller homes do a much better job of caring for those who have early signs of dementia or even Alzheimer’s. Or course this is a more common challenge these days as more and more of us are living longer and longer. Good physical health longer unfortunately means that many will suffer from more mental illness and dementias. These small group homes are ideal environments to care for seniors in a better way with the dignity and respect that each deserve.

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