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Below you will fine what many have said about our care for their loved ones. We hope we can add you to this list of happy clients.

"The selection of residents was done with great thought as they got along very well with one another.   The staff was always available and was very professional at all times. I would recommend your facility to others and we wish you continued growth.  We are going to miss visiting." - C. Gaasch

"Dear Michelle and all of Kay's and my friends at Colorado Assisted Living: Thank you for the loving care you provided to Kay, and for the kindness and respect you showed Kay, me and the rest of our family. Kay's dignity was always maintained and her life was as comfortable as possible during her stay at Colorado Assisted Living.

You and your team of professionals provided Kay with a home, and not just a residence. The tenderness you brought into her life was heart warming.

You will have my eternal gratitude for all you have done for Kay and our family.

Sent with love," - Joe R.

"Thank you Michelle. Would you please let the house staff know how much their care of Mom meant to us? My cousin who saw Mom the day before she died made a special point of letting me know how sweet and kind Harvard was to her, but we know that the others were also loving to her. One of the things we were grateful for was that when Dad died, Mom never really knew he was gone. The way she was treated by the staff was critical in keeping her anxieties down and reassuring her that she was where she wanted to be." - Karen

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