Baby Boomers Not Healthier Than Other Generations

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Baby boomers are not necessarily healthier than previous generations, according to a new study published in the health policy journal Milbank Quarterly. While the generation overall has better education, higher income and lower smoking rates, they also have the negative impact of increasing obesity and related health problems.

The study of 8,750 individuals looked at four generations in Canada, where currently almost one-third of the population is between the ages of 46 and 65. Researchers examined wither the impact of the aging baby boomers on the nation’s health system might be larger or smaller than other generations. Baby boomers were the first generation to have better access to health care and services such as immunizations and antibiotics. But the researchers found no evidence that boomers were any healthier (subscription required) than previous or post generations. Obesity rates in Canada, the United States and other developed countries have been increasing over the last several decades, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Obesity is also linked to development of diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

The researchers noted that while people in the United States and Canada are living longer, they are developing more chronic diseases and disabling conditions that are often related to obesity. They called for more targeted campaigns focusing on the effects of obesity and promoting healthy weight.


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