Complimentary Educational Series "THE TIME IS NOW" for Seniors & Their Families

October 5, 2012 – Friday, 9:00 AM

Subject: Senior Services & Resources: Where do I start?
Location: Senior Resource Center
Address: Southwest Plaza Mall, 8501 W. Bowles Ave. Littleton, CO

Located inside the northwest entrance near Dillards
Learn about what senior resources are available in your community. Do you know all the services that volunteers provide? What are some of the key websites to be aware of? Who can you call for information on transportation options? Tax Assistance? Adult Day options and benefits? Computer training? Come find out about some invaluable resources and services that you might not even know exist, but are right here in your community. Presented by Tamara Vermeer, Seniors’ Resource Center (303) 235-6960. RSVP to 303-235-6957.

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