IBM Survey: Dementia, Smart Homes and End-of-Life Discussions Are Consumer Priorities

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At the 2016 South by Southwest Festival, visitors to the IBM Cognitive Studio were asked to respond to three questions posted to a large wall as they entered the space:

What worries you most about getting older?

What emerging technology will help manage the aging process the most?

What discussions are the most difficult to have with your parents?

The results showed that out of more than 400 responses, 46.5 percent of respondents said loss of memory and dementia worried them the most, followed by 25 percent worried about losing independence and 16.5 percent worried about acquiring physical disabilities.

Thirty-eight percent believed that smart homes will help manage the aging process, followed by mobile patient monitoring (19 percent), artificial intelligence (18 percent) and robots and robotics at 15 percent.

Thirty-five percent of respondents said assisted and long term care were the most difficult discussions, following by conversations about dying and legal preparations (23 percent) and financial planning/stability (15 percent).

The informal survey is included in a new report from IBM and the Consumer Technology Association Foundation, “Outthink Aging: Explore the Challenges and Opportunities Created by an Aging Society.”


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