Movie 'Still Alice' Puts New Focus on Early Onset Alzheimer's

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Early onset Alzheimer’s disease is in the spotlight with the new movie “Still Alice.” The film is raising awareness of Alzheimer’s disease, although in the movie actress Julianne Moore plays a 50-year-old linguistics professor who experiences early-onset familial Alzheimer’s, which is thought to account for just a small fraction of the disease. As many as 4 percent of cases worldwide are thought to be early onset that strikes people before age 65, according to Alzheimer’s Association Chief Science Officer Maria Carillo, who served as a scientific advisor for the movie.

ABC News reports on signs of early onset Alzheimer’s and The Boston Globe interviews children of parents with early-onset Alzheimer’s whose inheritance might include a gene predisposing them to early dementia.

NPR continues with a series focusing on Greg O’Brien, who was 59 when diagnosed with Alzheimer's. He’s documenting his experience with the disease in a memoir where he writes of waking up confused each morning and needing to label items such as toothpaste and mouthwash in order to use them appropriately.


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