Near Retirees Are Rethinking Retirement Dates

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Retirement age is a moving target for those nearing this life transition, according to a new survey from TIAA.

Sixty-one percent of the survey participants say they have changed their expected retirement date as they approach retirement, says TIAA’s Transition to Retirement survey. Thirty-seven percent have pushed their expected retirement date back, while 24 percent are now planning to retire earlier than expect.

Only 37 percent say they are on target for the date anticipated earlier in their working years. TIAA surveyed 1,000 people age 55 to 68 who are planning to retire in the next five years. The participants compared their expected retirement date to what they anticipated 10 years ago.

“As retirement grows closer, it’s a good idea to reflect on what is important to you. Some people will find they want or need to work longer, and others will realize they can leave their jobs sooner. Importantly, a number of people may find that their definition of a happy and successful retirement has changed over the years,” says Kathie Andrade, chief executive officer of Retail Financial Services at TIAA.

Financial advisors can help their clients by revisiting goals and making adjustments along the way, she adds.

Almost all respondents (96 percent) say the flexibility to do what they want, when they want is an important part of their definition of a successful retirement. Spending time with family and friends (93 percent), relaxing (92 percent) and having the time to travel (80 percent) also are important to near-retirees.

Overall near retirees feel pretty good about their retirement prospects, the survey says. Forty-three percent report feeling extremely or very prepared for the transition to retirement, and another 46 percent feel somewhat prepared. More than half (55 percent) say they feel prepared to manage their income in retirement.

However a disconnect exists when the question is asked differently, TIAA says. Only 21 percent anticipate their nest egg will last for their lifetime.

“Securing a source of income you can’t outlive is critical,” Pressman says. “A reliable retirement income prepares people to handle financial or lifestyle challenges after they stop working, especially since many people are living longer in retirement.”


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