Poll: Misperceptions Persist About Financing Long-Term Care

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Many people expect to rely on Medicare and Social Security to pay for their long-term care needs as they get older, even though those programs do not cover most of those costs, according to a new AP-NORC poll.

About half of older Americans support government-administered long-term care insurance programs, according to the 2016 Long-Term Care trends poll. Most support policies to help caregivers cope with costs of providing long-term care to others including state programs providing paid family leave, caregiver tax breaks and a Social Security earnings credit for caregivers.

Highlights from the poll:

One-third have done no planning for their own long-term care needs
About four in 10 expect to rely on Medicare to pay for long-term care needs as they age
77 percent would prefer to receive care for themselves in their own home
67 percent would prefer for their loved ones to receive care in a home setting

Source: http://www.alfa.org/News/5043/Poll%2DMisperceptions%2DPersist%2DAbout%2DFinancing%2DLong%2DTerm%2DCare

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