Researchers Continue to Chip Away at Finding Alzheimer’s Cure

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Eli Lilly has worked for nearly 30 years on drugs for Alzheimer’s disease by focusing on a protein called tau but is changing its tactics in hopes for more success, reports Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

The drug company is now focusing on the amyloid protein that clogs up the brains of those with Alzheimer’s. Other firms continue to research tau approaches. About 190 drugs from different firms have failed in human trials according to health nonprofit FasterCures. But pharmaceutical companies continue to try again, looking for more alternatives. The article also notes that since 2014, investors have put at least $350 million into startups that have identified novel approaches to combatting the disease.

Voyager Therapeutics CEO Steven Paul, who previously helmed research for Eli Lilly, sees promise in the current drugs because they’re more potent and are being tested at earlier stages of the disease, according to Bloomberg. Paul sees a much greater possibility of success than the trials from three to five years ago.

In other news about brain research, a new study highlighted on a National Institutes of Health blog shows there’s a growing body of evidence suggesting skeletal muscle cells secrete proteins into the blood during exercise that have a regenerative effect on the brain.

And a new analysis in the Annals of Internal Medicine says there’s no evidence that blood transfusions can transmit neurogenerative disorders such as dementia.


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