Study Suggests Increase of Falls Among Older Adults

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Researchers analyzed data among individuals age 65 and over and found an 8 percent increase in falls, or about a 30 percent rise in falls, from 1998-2010, according to new findings from the University of Michigan published in JAMA Internal Medicine.

However, the researchers saw a higher number of falls across all age groups – not just the oldest, and that was unexpected. Researchers examined trends in falling in a nationally representative sample of middle age and older adults in this Health and Retirement Study conducted on behalf of the National Institute of Aging. Among adults 65 and older, self-reported falls increased from about 28% to 36% in 2010.

It’s possible that older adults are more aware of fall risk and more likely to report it, but if the prevalence of falls is actually increasing, more work to identify factors and how to address them is necessary, according to study lead author Christine Cigolle at the university, which is one of 10 sites across the country for a major study on preventing falls injury among older adults.


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