Survey: Biggest Workforce Challenges in Senior Care Today

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The biggest workforce challenges in senior care today are finding qualified candidates, employee retention and staff satisfaction and scheduling staff to meet needs, according to new survey results from a partnership between OnShift and Long-Term Care News.

Priority number one is human capital management, with 63 percent of respondents indicating that improving their HCM strategy is a top priority for their group. “Over the past couple of years, providers were consumed with getting their clinical foundation in place. Now their attention has turned to staffing because they recognize the impact that workforce quality and stability have on all aspects of their organization – clinical, financial and operational,” OnShift CEO Mark Woodka said.

Woodka also noted that hiring needs in long-term care and senior living are “intense” and likely to get worse before they get better. “It’s imperative for providers to begin taking steps to improve their hiring and overall workforce strategies so they can increase employee retention,” he said.

For more information about what the more than 600 survey participants had to say, read the full survey report.


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