White House Issues Healthy Aging Policy Brief

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The White House Conference on Aging has issued a policy brief on healthy aging – the first in a series of briefs it plans to release this year.

The Healthy Aging brief examines how Americans can enjoy long and healthy lives by maximizing their physical, mental, and social wellbeing. “Rather than focusing on the limitations of aging, older adults across the nation want to focus instead on the opportunities of aging,” say the brief’s authors.

Older adults contribute to society in a variety of ways, including paid work, volunteering or providing unpaid care to family members. Eight out of 10 adults age 65 to 74, and almost six in 10 ages 75 and older engage in at least one of these activities. The brief includes a roster of government resources such as the Health and Human Services Department’s Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans and its strategic framework on multiple chronic conditionsLink Icon as well as the National Institutes of Health’s Smart Food Choices for Healthy Aging.

For questions about the conference policy briefs, contact policy@whaging.gov

Source: http://www.alfa.org/News/4333/White%2DHouse%2DIssues%2DHealthy%2DAging%2DPolicy%2DBrief

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